(#)Anders Ruhwald (#)Visiting Artist (#)January2015

Anders Ruhwald

Artist in Residence – Head of Ceramics – Cranbrook Academy of Art

It was amazing to have someone of Anders calibre hang out at our January seminar.. His artist talk was great and his feedback in my assessment was ever so kind and encouraging.  I was astounded in how he discussed his practice with such authorship and depth.. (#)inspired (#)ontoit

I jotted down almost a whole page full of notes, amongst doodles, of how he discusses the materiality of his works; how they inhabit, occupy and function within a space.. (#)notes are as follows (#)NOTES


-where everything is situated

-everyday life/domestic

-ambiguity by content, spatial

-visits space to develop content

-engages the body in his work

-sometimes ideas do not initially come into the work, but eventually they do

-the work and the body merging

-making audience aware of their presence in the space, a place in life

-work builds meaning as its’ lived in other spaces

-adaptability of making and being

-the flight of the crane – woven linen Trine Ruhwald – Anders mother


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