(#)Criteria – Just for me!

What is working? What is not working? How can I make my audience think more deeply into what they are experiencing? How do I break my habitual way of working?

I have come up with a criteria/strategy that will help me establish the threads and connections within my work. .

Gentle Approach:  Preparatory sketching, visual note taking, free to be instinctive. . generate, explore, begin. .

Materials/What they can do?:  Exploring materials in relation to site or ideas. . what do I want the material to do?. .  material only in relation to itself, stress/exploration, representational, depictions, suggestive. .

Communication/Language:  Abstract/figurative. . what do I want to say? How will it be received? Links with technology. .

Colour:  Colour functionality/affect. . perception, involvement with others. . feelings/emotions. .

Material Relationship:  (Between each section) . . Relationship to colour/site/form/plane. . using characteristics of site/area/plane/form to influence material development. .

Setting Frameworks: Content/Context  Guidelines/boundaries/foundations. . text in relation to art. .

Personal Experience:  Time/space/boredom/machine/body/affect. . Sense. . Sensibility within space, gallery. . soul, body, heart, mind. . the ways art operates in relation to all subjects. . personal history. .

Historic Approach:  Other relevant historic settings. . influential. . conscious text in relation to practice. .


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