(#)Respondent Led Critiques (#)Questions (#)& Brief Notes For Mary

For safe keeping, a few questions to assist in leading a critique.. (#)themains (#)tanya’sway

What i see.. & how it functions?

How effective is the installation?

How does this presentation strategy extend the artists practice?

How does the artist statement function alongside the work?

What are you left unsure about?

What would the artist like responses to?

& (#)notes for mary.. i am sure i wrote her some but just incase.. (#)realbrief

Clusters/Groupings (puzzle-like), strategically placed yellow hexagons.. some with etchings, fully black, different coatings.. elements of performance.. numeric, mathematical, tribal.. the entrance – a sense of warning or prohibitence, a pathway, guidance (leading).. occurences, remnants, void.. space/shape.. elements of freezing, embedding, counting, etching, mould-like, fill and relief, repitition.. Ritual?.. Where are reactions born? texture and pattern.. Why all these materials?


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