(#)ACulturalHistoryOfThePolaroid.. (#)EdwinLand

..the camera will be like the telephone, something you will use all day long – if an occasion arises in which you want to make sure you cannot trust your memory, a camera you will use as often as a pencil or an eye glass.. (Edwin Land, 1970. The Long Walk), directed by Bill Warriner..

..being able to take a wallet, and perhaps open the wallet, press a button, close the wallet and have the picture.. (Edwin Land, 1970)..

I found this video clip impressive, the way Edwin Land spoke of the future of photography.  Documenting and recording steps, memories and traces of my life through photography is something that drives my creative thought processes, cropping out little parts of the world, my world.. I am moved by the relationships, the similarities and differences between analogue and digital (modern) processes of photography; the tangibility, the tactile nature, the accessibility, the play time, uploading, downloading, editing, filters, printing, waiting time, the immediacy, spontaneity and happy accidents..


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