July Seminar Introductory Notes – Exhibition & Audience

Firstly, introduction of seminar made by Noel Ivanoff.  Exhibition and Audience

Presentation made by visiting artist/examiner Laresa Kosloff

Laresa presented a power-point of older works leading into current work.  Initially interested in drawing, she wanted to extend her practice through video; Laresa made animations using line (taken from drawing).  She enjoyed editing in-camera, being instinctual and non-theoretical.

Ideas include: Re-thinking picture frames – painting lines.  Rational structure of a grid.  What is a frame?

At this stage in her work, she did not know what her presence meant?  At that moment she was interested in deconstructing painting.. with ideas of habits and human connection.. She was investigating blind-spots in her work to further her thinking and creativity.

Body ——————— Psychology————————–Culture 

She played a few video works which included: a do-it-yourself spectacle creating fantasy, inverted sporting rituals and structures, dialogues of painting and sculpture.  She emphasised effort and the physical burden of effort.

Green Text – Laresa Kossloff and Andy Thompson

An audio video work:  The two artists created a script and recorded audio, which was then layered over video footage (captured at a bowls green).  The artists digressed like commentators, it was hilarious, best cry laugh in a long time.

Notes:  Grid ———- frame of references, a rational system.  Framing gestures, amateur to intellectual.  Framing and contextualising what you do is key.

Other things:  Monsieur Hulo vs Jacques Tati – Aesthetics and ethics.  Breakdowns, arguments.  Performers. Attitudes.


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