September Seminar | Reflections

Context (is Everything) – 12-16 September

Noel introduced the seminar theme “context (is everything)” as transitions in thinking.. transitions in thinking that generate art making..

By using our uniqueness in art making combined with instinct and intuitiveness, it is then we choose a language that pertains to our ways of making..

Our art is defined not only by ourselves but by others as well.. We require further pair review/retrospective views to bring the context and content of our work into conversation.. he said that “meaning doesn’t exist until the context is addressed”..  the content should be linked to discourse of this time (to echo the relevance or out art being relevant)..  this process is formative and generative.. meaning can become inter-subjective and contribution can either be a distraction or VALUE..


Noel and Tanya presented a video lecture where we had to analyse what the content of each video was..

The first video that was shown and that I responded to the most was “The Girl Chewing Gum” made by John Smith in 1976..

Here are a few loose notes I gathered from the floor talk and mixed views..

-Internal: how the work is and what the work is about – made up of filming negotiation in the street – is the same.

-Space/Time ——> directing

-Internal/external ——-> knowledge & expectation

-Piss take!



-Still & calm in times of chaos


-What the work is & about

There were a few other video’s shown as well.

A great introduction to seminar :)..







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